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Sep 6, 2006

CNN - Glenn Beck

Interview with Dr. Iman Foroutan    DSL-Cable      Dial-up

Jun 6, 2006

Le Monde - France

Le Monde Archives

Apr 2005 CNN Headline News S.O.S. Iran TV Studio  DSL-Cable      Dial-up

Feb 8, 2005 TownHall.com Cant's Party

Feb 7, 2005 The American Thinker Death to America celebration evicted

Feb 6, 2005 Post Gazette

Happy "Death to America Day"

Feb 5, 2005 Regimechangeiran.com Regime's planned celebration at the Marriott Hotel CANCELLED!

Feb 4, 2005 Washington Post

Iranian Celebration Canceled

Feb 4, 2005 Newkerala.com

Iranian Embassy cancels celebrations of Islamic Revolution:

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