Iran National Anthem: Ey Iran

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Ey Iran with English Translation
Ey Iran ey marz-e por gohar
Ey khákat sar cheshmeh-ye honar

Iran, the land of gems abound
Thy soil nurtures artisans aplenty

Door az to andisheh-ye badán
Páyandeh máni to jávedán

Far be from you the foes’ intentions
May you remain permanent and eternal

Ey doshman ar to sang-e khár-e-ee man áhanam
Ján-e man fadá-ye khák e pák e Mihanam

O enemy, I’m made of steal if you’re made of rock
My life I sacrifice for the noble soil of my land

Mehr-e to chon shod pisheh-am
Door az to nist andisheh-am

Thy love has became my preoccupation
My thoughts are never far from thee

Dar ráh-e to key arzeshi dárad in ján-e má
Páyandeh bád khák-e Iran-e má

For thee my life is not worthy
May the land of Iran be eternal

sang e koohat dor-ro gohar ast
Khák-e dashtat behtar az zar ast

Thy mountains are made of gems and jewels
The soil of thy fields better than gold

Mehrat az del key boroon konam
Bar goo bi mehr-e to chon konam

Tell me what to do without your love
If ever I exclude it from my heart

Tá gardesh-e jahán-o dore-e ásemán bepást
Noor-e izadi hamisheh rahnamá-ye mást

While the universe and the heavens revolve
The light of Yazdan will forever brighten our path

Repeat 4 and 5
Iran ey khoram behesht-e man
Roshan az to sarnevesht-e man

Iran my beautiful paradise
Bright is my destiny because of you

Gar átash bárad be peykaram
Joz mehrat dar del naparvaram

Even if fire rains on my body
Only your love I’ll flourish in my heart

Az áb o khak o mehr-e to sereshteh shod gelam
Mehr agar boroon shavad tohi shavad delam

I am made of thy love, water and earth
Should love leave, hollow will become my heart

Repeat 4 and 5