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۵۰ نکته اصلی‌
نا فرمانی‌ های مد

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SOS IRAN Press Release
Iran's Oil Exports
by: Dr. Alereza


Text of Mr. Farsheed Azad's speech
Executive Director of SOS IRAN (Farsi)


I N   T H E   N E W S
Watch Dr. Iman Foroutan on CNN's Headline News with Glenn Beck

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S.O.S. IRAN is a dynamic political movement organized by Iranian technocrats worldwide. This movement is determined to remove the roots of terrorism from Iran and replace the Islamic Republic with a modern, democratic, and secular government.
SOS IRAN is a Founding Pioneer of THE NEW IRAN
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منشور پیشنهادی تشکیل شورای ملی‌ ایران







To support the people of Iran in the removal of the Islamic Republic in Iran and the establishment of freedom, human rights, and a democratic, modern, and secular government in Iran.

Freedom of thought, speech, belief and expression of opinion
Freedom of all political parties, assembly, syndications, peaceful demonstrations and strikes
Freedom of press and media
Freedom of personal preferences and private beliefs and affairs, including religion
Freedom and non-existence of political prisoners in Iran
Equal treatment of all people regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, language, race, color, and social, economic or political status
Territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran and relationship with all foreign states based on mutual respect
Complete separation of religion from the State
Free, open and democratic referendum to elect the type of the new Government of Iran in the post-IRI era
Guarantee of minimum standard of living for all citizens of Iran and equal opportunity for all citizens to benefit from country’s national wealth.

Terrorist activities and state-sponsored terrorism
Development and deployment of weapons of mass destruction

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